PMP® Certification Exam Preparation


The PMP® Certification Exam Prep Course is an instructor-led training class designed to prepare the project management practitioner for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) examination.   

The course content and delivery is structured around The Guide to the PMBOK®* knowledge areas and supplemental exam material.  It is designed to help the PMP®/CAPM® candidates optimize their study and preparation time for the respective certification examinations.  The topics covered include:

     Project Management Introduction

     Project Management Process Groups

     Project Integration Management

     Project Scope Management

     Project Time Management

     Project Cost Management

     Project Quality Management

     Project Human Resource Management

     Project Communications Management

     Project Risk Management

     Project Procurement Management

     Professional and Social Responsibility

*The Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOKâ), 5th Edition serves as the global standard for terminology and processes related to the project management discipline.

Course Outline

I.                   Introduction to PMP and CAPM Certifications

A.      Preliminary Assessment (Practice Test)

B.      Application Requirements

C.      Exam Fee Structure

D.     Exam Specifications and Requirements

E.      Continuing Certification Requirements

F.       Exam Overview

II.                Project Management Essentials

A.      Basic Terms and Definitions

B.      Triple Constraint Model

C.      Stakeholder Analysis

D.     Project Organizations

                                                   i.      Functional

                                                  ii.      Projectized

                                                 iii.      Matrix

III.             Project Management Knowledge Areas & Processes

A.      PM Guide Layout

B.      Life-Cycle Process Groups (5)

C.      Project Management Processes (42)

D.     Project Management Knowledge Areas (9)

E.      Practice Quiz – Project Management Foundation

IV.              Integration Management

A.      Develop Project Charter

B.      Develop Project Management Plan

C.      Direct and Manage Project Execution

D.     Monitor and Control Project Work

E.      Perform Integrated Change Control

F.       Close Project

G.     Practice Quiz – Integration Management

V.                 Scope Management

A.      Collect Requirements

B.      Define Scope

C.      Create WBS

D.     Verify Scope

E.      Control Scope

F.       Practice Quiz – Scope Management

VI.              Time Management

A.      Define Activities

B.      Sequence Activities

C.      Estimate Activity Resources

D.     Estimate Activity Durations

E.      Develop Schedule

F.       Control Schedule

G.     Network Diagramming Practice

                                                   i.      Diagramming Methods (ADM, PDM)

                                                  ii.      Network Diagram Exercises

H.     Practice Quiz – Time Management

VII.           Cost Management

A.      Estimate Costs

B.      Determine Budget

C.      Control Costs

D.     Earned Value Analysis

                                                   i.      Example Calculation

                                                  ii.      Practice Exercises

E.      Practice Quiz – Cost Management

VIII.        Quality Management

A.      Plan Quality

B.      Perform Quality Assurance

C.      Perform Quality Control

D.     Practice Quiz – Quality Management

IX.              Human Resource Management

A.      Develop Human Resource Plan

B.      Acquire Project Team

C.      Develop Project Team

D.     Manage Project Team

E.      Practice Quiz – Human Resources Management

X.                 Communications Management

A.      Identify Stakeholders

B.      Plan Communications

C.      Distribute Information

D.     Manage Stakeholder Expectations

E.      Report Performance

F.       Practice Quiz – Communications Management

XI.              Risk Management

A.      Plan Risk Management

B.      Identify Risks

C.      Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

D.     Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

E.      Plan Risk Responses

F.       Monitor and Control Risks

G.     Practice Quiz – Risk Management

XII.           Project Procurement Management

A.      Plan Procurements

B.      Conduct Procurements

C.      Administer Procurements

D.     Close Procurements

E.      Practice Quiz – Procurement Management

XIII.        Professional and Social Responsibility

A.      Code of Professional Conduct

B.      PMP Professional Role Delineation

C.      Practice Quiz – Professional and Social Responsibility

XIV.         Conclusion

A.      Course Review and Summary

B.      Simulation Exam




All Tanden LLC instructors are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP®) with many years of hands-on project leadership experience in a multitude of industries.

Tanden LLC is a Project Management Institute (PMI) Global Registered Education Provider (R.E.P)


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